Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2017 (Jeddah)

متى: من September 27, 2017 إلى September 28, 2017
منظم: IDC

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As Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Plan (NTP) begins to take shape, the government is placing an unprecedented focus on enhancing the local business environment, transforming the provision of citizen-centric services, and creating a thriving knowledge-based economy for the benefit of all.

We are now entering an era in which digital transformation is becoming an absolute necessity, with technology underpinning all the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. In this new era, CIOs must evolve into true digital leaders by enabling new technology-based operating models that take customer experience to previously unimaginable heights.

Spread over two days, the 2017 installment of IDC’s Saudi Arabia CIO Summit will accommodate 100 of the Kingdom's most influential ICT leaders and respected industry experts. These distinguished attendees will share their insights into the major challenges, opportunities, and priorities that are set to dictate the Saudi ICT investment landscape over the coming year.

Proposed Discussion Topics:

  • Putting the NTP into Practice
  • Making Shared Services Work in the Public Sector
  • Competing in a 'Software-Defined' World
  • Driving Innovation with the Internet of Things
  • Implementing Dynamic Security for the Digital Era
  • Leveraging Big Data to Enhance Your Competitive Edge
  • Enabling Smarter Governments for a Smarter Future
  • Building Digital Synergies with the C-Suite