IDC IT Forum 2017 - Riyadh

متى: من November 23, 2017 إلى November 23, 2017
منظم: IDC

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The digital evolution is upon us, and its accelerating pace is going to create game-changing opportunities for organizations that are willing to harness and embrace digital transformation (DX). Key to success is the development of competencies that foster greater innovation, enabling new ideas to be integrated with existing systems and architecture without disrupting business operations or the customer experience. In this regard, the path to being a DX leader requires the management of a continuous transition from old to new and from experimental to operational. Indeed, IDC believes that successful IT professionals of the future will be judged by their ability to manage all connected disciplines on a continuous basis while anticipating the next wave of the IT ecosystem.

Transitioning to a digital model of business is not only about choosing the right technologies. Strategic changes affect entire ecosystems of clients and partners, and it is often a combination of external factors that push companies to adopt a digital model. IDC's IT Forum 2016 provides a perfect platform for discussing these motivations and for developing a clearer understanding of the digital transformation processes currently sweeping across the Middle East.

With more than 300 IT professionals in attendance, the event will present expert advice on enacting strategic IT decisions based on best practices and sound technology. And with the world's leading IT vendors displaying their pioneering new products and services, this groundbreaking exposition will provide an ideal opportunity to map out areas of concern and take steps toward addressing them by mutually exploring strategies for improving efficiency, fostering innovation, reducing costs, and increasing business competitiveness.